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Benefits of Media

   Delivers Receptive Audiences
Your offer reaches an audience that has already expressed an interest in the topic of your message.

   Low Cost
Compared to other forms of direct marketing, email marketing is significantly less expensive.

   Fast and Efficient
Traditional direct marketing programs, such as direct mail, can take months to create and implement. Then, you wait another few months to analyze the results in order to determine success. Permission email marketing campaigns can be executed in days with results trackable in real-time -- giving you immediate feedback while your campaign is in progress.

   Easy to Test, Track and Evaluate
Email is an ideal testing medium, offering a range of trackable events. Email enables marketers to test different list sources, combinations of interest categories, various creative approaches, and even elements of timing.

   High Response
Typically, permission email campaigns result in better response rates than traditional direct marketing or other types of online advertising.

   Interactive Learning
The powerful combination of extensive tracking, real-time analysis of results, and flexible testing allows you to gain insight into your email marketing campaigns very quickly. With permission email marketing you can rapidly test and refine your campaigns to identify the best marketing mix of audience, offer and creative.

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