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Bulk eMail - Commercial email delivered without prior permission.

Co-Registration - A secondary offer advertised along with a registration. "Click here if you would also like to subscribe to the 'Daily Jokes' newsletter."

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition - The costs associated with generating a sale or lead.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand - The cost of 1000 advertising units (be it banner impressions, delivered emails, etc.)

CTR - Click Through Ratio - The ratio of people who respond to an ad and visit the advertised web site.

HTML - Hyper Text Mark-Up Language - A programming language that builds web sites or HTML based emails. Allows the inclusion of colors, images and response functionality to email. HTML based campaigns typically receive a higher CTR than text based campaigns.

Opt-In - Where an individual deliberately requests to join a service or receive more information.

Opt-In e-mail - Commercial email delivered with prior permission.

Opt-Out (a) - To unsubscribe to a service or ask to stop receiving information.

Opt-Out (b) - Where an individual deliberate requests to NOT join a service or receive more information.

Recipient - An individual who receives commercial email.

Registration - Process of subscribing to a service or becoming a member.

Targeting - Process of isolating an audience who is most likely to respond to you advertisement.

Text - A text based email, generally in "black and white." Functionality is limited to a web site link.

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