Pair your offer up with others. Co-registration is a great, quick way to sign people up for your offer. Everyone benefits!

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   E-mail marketing
Reach an audience of millions overnight, for just pennies per person. In your region or around the world!

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   Pop-ups and pop-unders
Get your logo and offer placed on, over, or under existing websites. It's a great way to get the word out to web surfers!

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E-mail Marketing

Glossary of Terms

A Proven Performer
Don't confuse email marketing with spam! Email marketing, done properly, is a proven method of generating consumer response. Online email promotions generally have 3 - 5 times the response of a traditional marketing campaign, at a far lower cost. A good opt-in email campaign, with a good offer and sent to a targeted audience, can produce an extremely high return on investment. Some campaigns can run as little as $0.002 ($2.00cpm) per recipient. Compare that to bulk mail charges! And Showcase is a leader in the email field. Whehter you are trying to build up your own email list, or wish to rent one of our lists, we can help you get the word out to interested parties.

A More Receptive Audience
What do most people do with bulk mail offers? Glance at them and then throw them away. That money was just wasted on an uninterested audience. Your targeted email recipient, on the other hand, has already opted in to our email list. They have agreed to receive promotional emails, and have given some information about themselves and their interests. We can target more than 30 "areas of interest", in addition to demographic information such as age, income, gender and place of residence. If they like your offer, they can forward the email to friends and family. They can also save it in their inbox, to revisit later, and bookmark your website. A single email can grow into several sales!

Services and Pricing
Showcase Marketing offers 100% double opt-in email lists, which are managed by reputable professionals. These lists are used to gain the maximum possible response to your email offer! Email campaigns can be either general or targeted, using the information obtained by the subscriber. Generally, targeted campaigns will cost a bit more. Targeting factors can include any or all of the following: Age; gender; areas of interest; place of residence (general region, not specific towns). There is a limit to how narrowly you can target your list and still have the campaign be effective and cost-effective; to set up a targeted campaign, please ask your Showcase representative for assistance!

Email Campaign Prices
General Targeting:
$0.00 - $5000.00: $0.0025/email recipient ($2.50 CPM)
$5000 and higher: $0.002/email recipient ($2.00 CPM)
Minimum budget: $1500.00
Guarantee: 100% email delivery, no duplicates

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