Pair your offer up with others. Co-registration is a great, quick way to sign people up for your offer. Everyone benefits!

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   E-mail marketing
Reach an audience of millions overnight, for just pennies per person. In your region or around the world!

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   Pop-ups and pop-unders
Get your logo and offer placed on, over, or under existing websites. It's a great way to get the word out to web surfers!

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Building your own email list, often externally to your own web site.
Through our web site partners, we can feature an ad that allows people to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. This is typically done through co-registration opt-out email campaigns. Co-registration means that people are registering for a service or membership, and your ad is a secondary offer. Opt-out means that the visitor is pre-checked to subscribe to your offer. In order to not subscribe to your email list, they need to un-check the opt-out box.

Opt-in, Opt-out
There is a great difference that must be recognized between opted-in and opted-out members. It is your responsibility to manage your list with respect. About 1 in 3 people will not notice the opt-out check box and will subscribe to your email list accidentally. It is important to confirm their subscription to weed out the people who really don't want to be on your list.

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